For more information read the Nvidia CUDA programming guide. CUDA SDK 11.1 – 11.7 support for compute capability 3.5 – 8.6 (Kepler , Maxwell, Pascal, Volta, Turing, Ampere). CUDA SDK 11.0 support for compute capability 3.5 – 8.0 (Kepler , Maxwell, Pascal, Volta, Turing, Ampere ).

  • While DDU is undoubtedly a great tool to use, the various options and configuration settings it offers can confuse first-time users.
  • Click “Next”, select “Display a list of all drivers in a specific location…”, and then click “Next” again.
  • Disable the antivirus software during updates to prevent issues.

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Is SFlix Legal? Read This Before You Watch Movies On SFlix

It quickly identifies and replaces incorrect, faulty, and outdated drivers. It can quickly locate and install drivers on your system. Official drivers for all your hardware and attached devices. You can follow the below steps to repair your drivers using AVG Driver Updater.

Select the new BIOS file when asked and wait for the process to complete. On your PC, select Start, and then select Settings. Select Update & Security or Windows Update, and then select Check for updates. If Windows finds updates, they will download and install automatically.

I would run CMD as admin and run a CHKDSK, then if no errors, run SFC /SCANNOW just to make sure no other issues are present with your OS. If your drivers won’t uninstall properly, there is something wrong and hopefully it’s with the drivers themselves and NOT your OS. After DDU and doing a clean install with new drivers I’d run the previous commands just to make sure you’re all good. Also check event viewer for any other issues that may be happening during this issue. Right-click on the NVIDIA graphics card and choose to Uninstall device from the context menu that appears. Firstly, verify that the system you are using has a nvidia drivers capable GPU, and then download the nvidia drivers .

In order to properly recognize and use any piece of hardware equipment, your operating system needs to have access to that component’s inherent drivers. Now, if you have upgraded your OS to Windows 11, or have bought a new computer with it pre-installed, you may be wondering what you can do if you find yourself experiencing issues. If you need to revert to an older driver after an update, here’s what you can do.

Accidentally deleted NVIDIA Driver from device manager

You can update drivers when you connect any new piece of hardware to your computer. In some cases, you may need to install a missing driver on your computer. Once you know how to install drivers on your own, dealing with device drivers becomes easy.


After all, intel got its own sources and AMD got its own sources so there’s no point of using other 2nd or 3rd parties (I don’t use MAC, so sorry). But this excludes windows optional update in the setting, that update is a big NO. Of courses might be different for others, but that optional update got 99% chance to make your pc turn into a blind fool who lost its own OS key. By cyberlink which quit working with error code eC00C0005 Transcoding engine’s front end stream error saying file broken , file missing, or out of memory.